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Otherwise, her friends’ places will do for a shower and borrowing clothes.Her social media accounts are full of pictures of her ‘living the life’ with some different guy in the background on each photo.Living in Nairobi means enjoying a pleasant climate, and expats can enjoy outdoor activities and sports without the discomfort of oppressive temperatures.For the nature enthusiasts among you, Nairobi is paradise, not only in the popular safaris through the Nairobi National Park but also in the various wildlife and conservation centers allowing you to get up close to giraffes, baby elephants, and rhinoceroses before visiting the Nairobi Arboretum for guided nature walks and bird watching.From making the initial move and learning about the city's 85 wards to becoming part of the expat workforce, you'll find the comprehensive information you need right here.Read our guides for the answers to questions like, "how do I access healthcare in Nairobi? ", and even "how do I indulge my love of music in Nairobi? Then head to our forum to ask other expats in Nairobi for restaurant recommendations and where to find English-language cinemas; our members have a huge wealth of experience for you to build upon and are always happy to share their knowledge. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world.- Here are some signs you can look out for- They include the type of music she listens to and how often she's dating how many men at a time It is the dream of many young Nairobi women to get an education, find a well-paying job and have a family.The goal posts for many Nairobi women have, however, shifted and it’s not because of lack of trying, but a flooded market.

The Inter Nations Community for expats in Nairobi is packed with guides, advice and insider tips on establishing a new life in Kenya's bustling capital.

Most HIV[-positive] people are afraid of infecting HIV-negative people, so their consciences won’t allow them to date normally.” More than 1,000 HIV-positive people have registered since the club started.

“The members are mostly young and single, although some are widowed or divorced,” she said.

Party animal This woman is at the club or the local joint every single day.

Her house is just a stopover to confirm she still has a place to land.